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Crosley K200 Stereo Turntable System Review [Direct-Drive with Bluetooth Speakers]

With its direct-drive and bluetooth-enabled speakers, the Crosley K200 Turntable System promises to pack a big punch in a complete user-friendly vinyl system, but does it? Find out in our complete review!

Crosley K200 Stereo Turntable System Review

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Crosley K200 Direct-Drive Turntable Stereo Review: A Bluetooth-Enabled System For Everyone

Crosley K200A-BK Direct-Drive Turntable Stereo System with Bluetooth...

Crosley K200 Direct-Drive Turntable Stereo System with Bluetooth Speakers

Crosley K200 Ratings at a Glance:


4.8 out of 5 stars

4.8 / 5

Included speakers make it easy to use right out of the box


4.4 out of 5 stars

4.4 / 5

Simple, yet solid construction with sturdy support


4.1 out of 5 stars

4.1 / 5

Stereo speakers provide reliable if unspectacular sound


4.7 out of 5 stars

4.7 / 5

Plenty of built-in features and reliability for the shelf price

Meet Crosley’s K200 Direct-Drive Turntable

As the companies first entry into the direct-drive market, Crosley’s K200 Turntable System may be one of the most simple and user friendly modern turntables stereos we’ve reviewed.

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Packing in essential features with a simple design is a hard recipe to screw up. Better yet, it all comes at a very affordable price that puts this turntable firmly in the middle of the market compared to other reviews.

Mixing bluetooth capability and included stereo speakers makes the Crosley K200 very user friendly. Unlike other turntables, the K200 can be set up to go right out of the box, without owning separate speakers or a preamp.

Better yet, it all comes in a sleek, low-profile package that fits in dorm rooms and entertainment centers.

Let’s Dig A Little Deeper

The user-friendly Crosley K200 is a direct driven turntable with two common operating speeds and includes stereo speakers. The simple construction and included bluetooth speakers provide tons of appeal to consumers looking for a simple setup.

Crosley K200A-BK Direct-Drive Turntable Stereo System with Bluetooth...

K200 Highlights

More experienced turntable consumers will appreciate the smoothness the direct-drive turntable motor brings records up to speed. Plus there still are plenty of essential features and controls packed in like strobe pitch control.

Compared to some competitors, the Crosley K200 is stripped down and straightforward in all the right ways.

Who Is The Crosley K200 Direct-Drive Turntable Best Suited For?

The K200’s best feature is probably how user friendly it is, especially for the price. It doesn’t require the user to have an external preamp, or mixer, or speaker system in place.

The two included stereo speakers mean you can get your records playing right out of the box. For first time turntable owners or dorm room record enthusiasts, this is a great option. It’s not that the Crosley K200 System isn’t appealing to more experienced turntable users either.

It has RCA outputs to include your own upgrade speakers, but the user friendliness makes this a phenomenal first turntable. The included bluetooth connectivity also makes it a more modern solution for fans of both digital and analog music listening.

Crosley K200A-BK Direct-Drive Turntable Stereo System with Bluetooth...

What’s Included With Your Crosley K200?

The Crosley K200 Direct-Drive Turntable is not short on included accessories and extras. In fact, that’s such a big part of the appeal of the product for the price.

The two included stereo speakers offer bluetooth connect-ability and include auxiliary in ports to amplify external sources besides the turntable.

You’ll also get an included dust cover that is removable, providing solid protection if you feel so inclined. There’s also detachable RCA output cables included as well!

Crosley K200A-BK Direct-Drive Turntable Stereo System with Bluetooth...

K200 Stereo Turntable System Features

The Crosley K200 Direct-Drive Stereo System is all about convenience. It packs everything the beginner turntable enthusiast could want to get started out of the box.

Switch between 33 ⅓ and 45 rpm speed settings as well as adjustable strobe pitch to let you dial in the perfect sound. The built-in preamp and included speakers make this a great one-stop solution to listening to records.

The turntable itself features an adjustable S-shaped tone arm, as well as a die cast aluminum platter. The platter also has a felt slip mat to keep it firmly planted on the surface of your choice.

Compared to Crosley’s slight less expensive belt-driven K100 turntable, the K200’s direct-drive motor system is designed to maintain consistent speed more reliably over time.

One of the key features is the bluetooth compatibility, letting you connect your phone to the speakers to play music when not using the turntable.

Crosley K200A-BK Direct-Drive Turntable Stereo System with Bluetooth...

K200 Highlights

  • Bluetooth compatible
  • Included stereo speakers
  • Adjustable strobe pitch
  • direct-drive motor
  • Removable dust cover

How To Get The Most Out Of Your K200 System

As we’ve emphasized before, it is really easy to use the Crosley K200. The included speakers and preamp make it ready to go out of the box.

Simply assemble, slap on your favorite record, and you’re off to the races! Check out this helpful video demo below from Crosley to learn more!

While we don’t have a video for the K200 direct-drive system yet, the K100 belt-driven system shares many of the same features:

Crosley K200 Turntable Stereo Review – Key Points

What We Like

      • Included speakers
      • Built-in preamp
      • Direct-drive system
      • Affordable price
      • Bluetooth capability

What We Don’t Like

      • Could upgrade speakers
      • Outdated appearance
      • Not as versatile as competitors

Crosley K200A-BK Direct-Drive Turntable Stereo System with Bluetooth...

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A Look At Alternatives And Comparisons:

LP&No1’s Retro Direct-Drive Turntable provides an even more compact, stylish alternative for almost half the price.

Checking in just above $100, this wood-finished turntable also features stereo speakers and bluetooth connectability. It even has 3-speed capabilities built-in to the vintage looking turntable!

If you’re looking for a product just like the K200 but with more of a vintage style, check out the Wireless Turntable HiFi System from 1byone. Two 36 watt speakers accompany this wood-finished, versatile turntable.

Bluetooth and vinyl to MP3 capabilities give it a distinctly modern spec sheet despite the worn-in looks. For around the same price as a Crostley K200, the 1byone Wireless Turntable offers a bit more.

Crosley’s C200 Direct-Drive Turntable shaves a few features, and a few bucks off the price tag of the K200. Lacking any built-in speakers, the C200 still has a built-in preamp, dust cover, and more low profile black finish.

You can add speakers of your thanks to the detachable cable RCA outputs, making this a great option for audiophiles with their own stereo system already in place.

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Final Thoughts On The Crosley K200 Direct-Drive Turntable

Crosley’s K200 Direct-Drive Turntable System is certainly one of the most user friendly options to date. For the beginner or amateur record collector, this is a phenomenal starting point.

With included speakers and bluetooth connection, it’ll easily get you playing records quickly out of the box. That bluetooth feature also lets you use it to listen to music or videos from your phone/tablet with ease.

It really feels like a superb option for a dorm room or small bedroom, especially with the low profile design and included stereo speakers that won’t take up more than a slim dresser’s length of space.

Crosley has put together a nice balance of budget and build quality, the K200 is certainly worth a look for dorm-bound or beginner vinyl enthusiasts!

Crosley K200A-BK Direct-Drive Turntable Stereo System with Bluetooth...

What Do Crosley K200 Turntable System Owners Think? >>

  • Ease of Use
  • Build Quality
  • Sound Quality
  • Value Factor


Overall Score:

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