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U-Turn Audio Orbit Plus Review [Turntable with Built-in Preamp]

In this Orbit Plus Turntable review, find out if it’s sleek, elegant lines and a really cool, minimalist profile are the features you’re looking for.

U-Turn Audio Orbit Plus Review

Orbit Plus Turntable Review – Find Out Why It’s Rated 4.8 Out of 5

The Orbit Plus at a glance:

U-Turn Audio - Orbit Plus Turntable with Built-in Preamp (Black)

The Orbit Plus Turntable with Built-in Preamp

If you’re into sleek, elegant lines and a really cool, minimalist look, you’re going to love the Orbit Plus. This is not that bulky, old monstrosity that your dad used when you were a kid. This is a completely modernized turntable.

It also produces an amazing sound. It’s the simplest way to rewind and listen to music in the way intended – as close to a live performance as possible with a recording. Vinyl reproduces sound more accurately. You can read about the reasons for that by checking out this article.

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What it really boils down to is that vinyl is better able to record a range of sounds that CDs might miss. Anyway, it doesn’t matter why music sounds so much better on vinyl; the point is that it does, and this has fuelled a resurgence in its popularity. Learn more here.

Now all you need to do is to get a decent player and settle back to listen to some great sound. With so many options out there, which player do you start with? Do you spend a fortune or look for the cheapest option?

The Orbit Plus Turntable by U-Turn Audio

The Orbit could be the answer for you. It is a simple turntable that packs a real punch. Made by U-Turn, this a precision crafted option that is perfect for the music lover. It even comes in at the lower end of the price scale.

U-Turn Audio - Orbit Plus Turntable with Built-in Preamp (Black)

The Orbit was created as an answer to all those retro-styled players flooding the market. After all, not everyone wants to go retro.

The company had fun creating an entirely up-to-date looking turntable. They started by keeping everything as plain as possible and then stepping it up with a clear acrylic disk to top the turntable off.

Here are some of this player’s best features.

Outstanding Looks

U-Turn Audio - Orbit Plus Turntable with Built-in Preamp (Black)

We know that looks aren’t everything, but we also want something that looks halfway decent in our homes. This model delivers in spades when it comes to appearance and design.

Looking modern and ultra-cool, this model will be perfect to show off to your friends and frenemies.

Hi-Performance Turntable

This model delivers in terms of looks and in terms of performance. It consistently plays the records at the correct speed and relays the sound perfectly.

U-Turn Audio - Orbit Plus Turntable with Built-in Preamp (Black)

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Pluto Preamp Built In

With the Pluto preamp that has been incorporated into the design, you can connect the player to the amplifier or powered speakers. You get great sound quality and convenience all in one.

Leave the sound low when you’re playing that romantic music with your partner or crank things up and blast it through the amps.

We loved the clarity of the sound as well as the sheer amount. This is a powerful little player for the price. It stands head and shoulders above the other options in the same price range because of its amazing looks and the preamp that has been incorporated.

This hybrid design combines optimal sound quality and value for money. The acrylic plate performs more than just a cosmetic function – it actually helps to improve sound quality.

Available in a Wide Range of Colors:

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Frequently Asked Questions:

How does the U-Turn Orbit Plus Turntable sound?

The sound is great. It’s dynamic and rich, audio is reproduced with excellent accuracy.

What’s the Orbit Plus build quality like?

The unit is steady and nicely built. We thought it would be a bit more substantial, but the compact size is a lot more convenient.

U-Turn Audio - Orbit Plus Turntable with Built-in Preamp (Black)

Pros and Cons

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Orbit Plus Turntable Review

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What We Like

      • Price is not bad for the included features
      • Two-year guarantee against manufacturer’s defects
      • Looks outstanding
      • Acrylic plate helps to tighten things up a bit in terms speed
      • Good introduction to high-performance record players

What We Don’t Like

      • Price may be out of reach for entry-level user

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Final Words: Is the Orbit Plus Turntable Worth the Money?

Overall, the Orbit Plus Turntable performs well and looks great. The acrylic plate makes for a great talking point and helps you get the best out of your vinyl. The overall operation of this model is easy. The buttons have been kept to a minimum to help streamline the look.

If you have some basic knowledge and are looking to enter into the realm of the seasoned audiophile, this turntable would be a good starting point. The performance is surprisingly close to that of the more expensive high-performance players.

Finally, the built-in preamp does make it easy to simply plug in your turntable without worrying about whether or not there is the right amount of power for your amps. We’d recommend the Orbit if you like clean and clear design with great sound.

U-Turn Audio - Orbit Plus Turntable with Built-in Preamp (Black)

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  • Build Quality
  • Sound Quality
  • Value Factor


Overall Score:

Manufacturer Info:

Website: https://uturnaudio.com/

About: U-Turn Audio is an independent turntable maker located in Woburn, MA. Their mission is to make great sound more accessible.

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