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Teac TN-400S Turntable Review [Belt-Driven with S-Shaped Tonearm]

TEAC has a reputation for producing some great products. Find out if this player is everything it should be in this Teac TN-400S Turntable review.

Teac TN-400S Belt-Driven Turntable at a glance:

Teac TN-400S Belt-Driven Turntable with S-Shaped Tonearm in Matte Bordeaux

The Teac TN-400S Belt-Driven Turntable

The Teac TN-400S – Does This Brand Name Turntable Live Up to Standards?

If you’re just starting out your adventure in vinyl, you want something that is plug-and-play ready and delivers excellent results. This player won’t disappoint.

Featuring the precise engineering that made TEAC a big brand name in the first place, the Teac TN-400S delivers amazing sound every time.

The initial set-up is easy, and from there it is just a matter of playing some tunes. To be fair, it isn’t really that hard to work a record player, but it does take a little getting used to.

Adjusting the arm as necessary produces great results but might be a little tricky at first.

Teac TN-400S review

Once the settings are correct though, it’s all smooth sailing. You will be able to master it in next to no time and then be looking for ways to improve your listening experience even more.

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The TN-400S by Teac

Teac TN-400S Belt-Driven Turntable with S-Shaped Tonearm in Matte Bordeaux

The TN-400S is a good turntable to start off with. TEAC is a company that has long been associated with quality sound equipment.

Made by TEAC to meet the need for affordable quality record players, this model ticks a lot of boxes. Here are some of our favorite features.

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High-Quality Analog Playback

The subsonic filter and the A2D converter are two of the components that ensure a positive and complete sound experience. They filter out the lower frequency sounds to prevent too many being sent to the amp.

Playback is optimized to be as near perfect as possible.  Additional tweaks, like a low-friction spindle, ensure that things run smoothly overall.

Teac TN-400S Belt-Driven Turntable with S-Shaped Tonearm in Matte Bordeaux

Built-in Preamplifier

There’s no need to have a host of different appliances sitting around when they’re not strictly necessary. The built-in preamp makes it easy to connect directly to your amp.

Teac TN-400S Belt-Driven Turntable with S-Shaped Tonearm in Matte Bordeaux

High-Torque DC Motor

This provides all the power you need to get  those records spinning and keep them spinning. The turntable is belt-driven to ensure maximum control at any speed. There is no need to worry about intermittent signals or slipping. Playback is kept stable.

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One really cool feature here is that there is also a USB port. You can now back up your vinyl onto your computer.

While saving it to digital format does flatten the sound a bit, the difference won’t be so marked that you can’t still enjoy listening to the backup on your digital music player, phone, or laptop.

The standard TEAC warranty of a year against manufacturer’s defaults stands.

One area that we do feel that we need to highlight is that replacement needles may be difficult to source in some parts of the United States.

Teac TN-400S Belt-Driven Turntable with S-Shaped Tonearm in Matte Bordeaux

Teac TN-400S Turntable Review: Key Points

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What We Like

      • Built-in preamp
      • High-torque motor to power up your record playing experience
      • High fidelity sound
      • Three-speed operation
      • S-shaped arm
      • Belt-driven die-cast platter for ultimate control during operation
      • Low-friction spindle to make playing effortless
      • Durable bronze spindle will keep speed precise even after hours of playing
      • Can be used with any amp
      • USB port allows you to create backups of your vinyl on your computer

What We Don’t Like

      • No Bluetooth capability
      • USB leads to connect to your computer are not included

Teac TN-400S Belt-Driven Turntable with S-Shaped Tonearm in Matte Bordeaux

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Frequently Asked Questions:

How does the Teac TN-400S sound?

Are you ready for great audio fidelity? Then you are looking in the right place. Don’t let the low price fool you; this isn’t some crappy piece of machinery that barely holds the tune.

You can expect the fine quality of sound that Teac has become famous for at a much better price than would be the case with most other brands.

What’s the TN-400S turntable build quality like?

It’s solid. The platform itself is heavy MDF and solidly built. This reduces resonance and adds to the impressive sound quality. The lid is a strong, scratch-resistant plastic.

Overall, this is a piece of machinery that is built to deliver for many years to come.

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Final Thoughts: Should You Consider Buying a Teac TN-400S Turntable?

Overall, this is a good choice for the beginner audiophile and people who love to listen to music. It doesn’t have all the extras that you might get on more expensive models, but it has all the features that count.

The company’s reputation and the lower cost make this a no-brainer for us to recommend.

Teac has delivered on its promise of a high-performance turntable at a reasonable price.

The belt-driven motor is very quiet and provides more than enough power for any speed of play. The player itself can play at three different speeds.

Teac TN-400S Belt-Driven Turntable with S-Shaped Tonearm in Matte Bordeaux

What Do Teac TN-400S Turntable Owners Think? >>

  • Build Quality
  • Sound Quality
  • Value Factor


Overall Score:

Manufacturer Info:

Website: http://www.teac-usa.com/

About: TEAC Corporation was originally founded as Tokyo Television Acoustic Company on August 8th, 1953 by two brothers, Katsuma and Tomoma Tani.

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    Chris K
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    I wouldn’t call this beginner or entry level at all. Teac has about 3 models below this. This is their upper middle level unit. 🙂 Cheers. But yes, maybe entry level audiophile grade.

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      Steve Bee
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      Hi Chris,
      Agreed – for a new vinyl enthusiast looking for a better audio experience, it’s a good choice.
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